Spectral analysis and determination of the hardness of metals

Spectral analysis and determination of the hardness of metals

PE "VKO MAANS" accepts orders for spectral testing of metals and alloys and determined hardness of metal materials

Spectral analysis of metals and alloys allows you to quickly determine the chemical composition of the main and alloying elements, as well as materials, without destroying it. Due to the wide range of defined substances, it has become widely used in metallurgy. Making a chemical analysis of a metal in this way, it is possible to accurately determine the grade of non-ferrous metals, and even the percentage content of alloying substances in precision metals. This allows you to control the quality of the material during the manufacture and purchase of raw materials during the manufacture and repair of metal structures, quality control of the used steels and welded joints, ensures the safe operation of the facility and increases the profitability of repair activities.

To measure the hardness of metals, workers use several scales (methods of measurement): HV, HRC, HB using, as an indenter, carbide balls, diamond cones or diamond pyramids, respectively. The specific method of determination of hardness is chosen based on the properties of the material, the tasks of measurement, and the conditions of its implementation.

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