Sunflower header MAANS-S

Sunflower header MAANS-S


The main purpose of MAANS rapeseed tables is to reduce grain losses when threshing rapeseed and mustard. With the using of a rapeseed table, the harvesting speed increases by 30% and grain loss decreases up to 250 kg/ha. Rape placed on a long stem with pods, cut with a vertical and horizontal knife, and sent to the reel with minimal losses. A successful combination of cutting and threshing devices guarantees the best efficiency of the combine.

High-quality European metal, high-strength Italian bars, specialized powder paint for agricultural machinery, German Ziegler side dividers (electric, hydraulic) and original Schumacher cutters are used in the production of MAANS rapeseed tables. Due to this the perfect quality and durability of the product are ensured.

The company guarantees compliance of the MAANS rapeseed table with the requirements of the technical specifications, subject to compliance with the rules of operation, maintenance and storage of the product.

The warranty period of the MAANS rapeseed table is 12 months from the date of sale. The company has the right to remove the warranty obligations for this device in case of confirmation:

  • making changes to the design by the consumer, etc.;
  • the presence of extensive destruction due to accidents;
  • lack of necessary records in the warranty cards for the header, or filling out the cards by the consumer himself;
  • using the header for other purposes or violating the rules of operation.

Benefits of MAANS rapeseed tables:

  • The strong construction guarantees minimal deflection of the table and the absence of vibrations.
  • Relatively low weight provides a reduction of fuel consumption and high performance.
  • The planetary drive of the rapeseed table provides a better cut of the mass, due to the increase in the number of double strokes of the knife.
  • Avoiding vibrations of the table due to the absence of mechanical connections of the planetary drive with the side dividers.
  • Can be completed with headers for grain harvesters of various brands and modifications.
  • Electric or hydraulic active side dividers manufactured by the German company Ziegler.
  • The use of a planetary drive eliminates the bending of the knife head.
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
Sunflower header MAANS-S
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