Powder coating of metal products

Powder coating of metal products

VKO MAANS offers services in powder painting of metal and metal structures

VKO MAANS offers services in powder painting of metal and metal structures. We have a wide selection of RAL colors available. In our work, we use powder paints of well-known European manufacturers that have proven themselves well on the market.

Powder coating includes the following stages:

  • Surface cleaning. Depending on the degree of contamination, steel brushes, grinding wheels, cloth soaked in alkaline or acidic substances can be used.
  • Degreasing to improve adhesion. It is better to treat a steel surface with iron phosphate, and an aluminum surface with chromium phosphate. Thanks to this procedure, the adhesion of the paint to the surface increases by 2-3 times.
  • Applying powder paint to the surface to be painted in the spraying chamber. At the same time, an electrostatic sprayer is most often used, in which the powder particles are electrified, and then, under the action of compressed air, they are attracted to the surface. The paint sprayed not on the product, but on the walls of the chamber enters the regeneration system and can be used again.
  • Moving the product into a special oven for polymerization. Under the influence of high temperature, the powder paint melts, and its particles are fixed on the surface, forming a film. It is important to avoid getting air under the film, as this will deteriorate the quality of the coating. For this, the air temperature during painting must exceed the melting temperature of the paint, and the powder coating must be applied in a thin layer.

Powder coating of metal has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Provides anti-corrosion and anti-impact protection of the surface;
  • Improves the operational characteristics of the product;
  • It allows you to significantly save on consumables, since the paint is applied in 1 layer, and its losses do not exceed 5. It is carried out in a short time, since it does not require preliminary priming, and the surface hardens in 30 minutes.

Powder coating allows you to give the metal any shade and texture, choose the level of gloss or relief of the surface. Provides durability, electrical insulation and strength of the coating in any environmental conditions

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