Balancing of shafts, drums, rotors, screws

Balancing of shafts, drums, rotors, screws

VKO MAANS provides services according to the needs of the customer, balancing shafts, drums, rotors, screws

Balancing shafts

Imbalance of the cardan shaft is one of the most frequent breakdowns of machinery, which leads to its vibration, which must be eliminated as soon as possible, because it leads to wear of automobile units.

The main reasons for the imbalance of cardan shaft parts include:

  • damage from physical impact;
  • repair of poor quality;
  • factory defect;
  • repair of poor quality;
  • factory defect;
  • wear and tear over time.

In order to identify the problem, dynamic balancing of the shafts should be carried out in a timely manner, which you can order from us. Our experienced specialists will promptly identify and perform high-quality balancing and diagnostics of the cardan shaft.

Balancing of screws

Many industries and agriculture use augers that can operate at different speeds and an imbalance can have very negative consequences. Failure to balance the auger can lead to the destruction of bearing units, deformation of the outer tube where the auger rotates, and other negative consequences.

Rotor balancing

Dynamic balancing of the rotor is necessary when the rotating part of the machine is unbalanced. Unbalance can be manifested by vibrations of the entire machine, which leads to the destruction of the foundation, bearings and the machine itself. To avoid this, the rotating parts must be balanced.

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