Rapeseed tables

Rapeseed tables

Rapeseed table

High-quality rapeseed tables - harvesting efficiency and high income from your crop.

Nowadays, the income of farmers depends not only on a properly grown crop, but also on its efficient collection.

In the case of rapeseed, this problem is very relevant. Because the plant is very vulnerable to mechanical interventions during the ripening period. The slightest touch and movement causes the rapeseed pods to open and the seeds to fall into the soil. At the same time, losses can reach from 20 to 25% of the harvest. This is what deprives farmers of a significant revenue.

This is due to the fact that ordinary grain headers are not adapted to harvest plants of this type. The design of grain headers doesn`t allow to customize the reel so that it doesn`t exert a mechanical effect on the plant before cutting.

And in this case, the rapeseed table will help you. This adaptation will help you efficiently harvest small-seeded plants with minimal losses.

A special plant cutting system provides fast and maximally effective cutting of the plant, quick feeding of it into the header. The extended cutting part provides that the plant is cut before it is gripped by the reel, this process reduces losses compared to conventional headers in which the reel grips the mass, and then pruning takes place. At this moment of grip by the reel that the most losses occur.

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