Header trailers

Header trailers

High-quality trailers for transporting headers

Modern harvesting equipment is constantly being modernized, headers are no exception. Just like collection equipment for harvesting, headers are constantly being increased to create maximum effect and fast and timely harvest. Because the weather conditions nowadays are very changeable.

Fast delivery of equipment to the fields is also very important. It`s known that the fastest way is shared roads, and here is the dimensionality problem. For example, modern harvesters can have headers whose width can reach 12 meters. Probably you might forget about shared roads with such dimensions. The solution is using of header trailers. It is precisely the rightly selected trailer for the header that will help you and your machinery to achieve the desired mobility during harvesting.

You may quickly unhook the header and deliver it to the right place yourself, and just as quickly fasten it there and start working.

We offer you a wide range and help to choose the reliable, efficient, and suitable for your parameters, trailers for transporting headers.

Our variety includes trailers for all types of modern headers of all known brands and sizes.

High reliability, since we develop our trailers taking into account the conditions of transportation in Ukraine, high-quality materials, strong structures will give you confidence in transportation.

Trailers with a rotary element, single-axle header trailers, dual-axle carts, and more for your needs.

We provide a warranty for our products, advise and help you choose exactly what you need. Call us, choose a header trailer from the MAANS company, and harvest your crops efficiently.

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